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Faulty Robots

by shiru8bit

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Frederic Bezies
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Frederic Bezies A great unofficial soundrack for a great retrogame.

If you like 8-bit chiptunes, this is for you. Favorite track: Conveyor Belt.
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galouk Who needs polyphonic stereo ? Not Shiru8bit for sure, you beautiful chiptune hero. Favorite track: Faulty Robots.
Rusty Gears 01:03
Old Model 01:34
Crosswired 01:49
Scraplord 01:24
Not Obsolete 02:05


A music album created for Commodore PET, a personal computer from 1977 that barely featured any sound capabilities at all. This is the result of work that has been done by me for The 8-bit Guy's PETSCII Robots game, but did not make it into the final product. I took a creative freedom from there, and turned my code and music sketches into a stand-alone chiptune album. You may consider it an unofficial fan-made soundtrack of sorts.

The album features all-single channel music that creates illusion of few voices playing at once. This kind of music can actually play while a game is running on the machine. Songs take about 1000-1500 bytes of memory each.

Rendered from an emulator, sorry (PETs are a museum rarity here).

You can download this album as a PRG file to run on your PET. Compatibility between models is not guaranteed, you'll need a 40xx model with 16K of RAM. Source code is included: shiru.untergrund.net/files/faulty_robots.zip

You can also get David's original game here: www.the8bitguy.com/product/petscii-robots/

Making of Faulty Robots article: habr.com/ru/post/650905/


released February 6, 2021

Programmed and composed by Shiru, Autumn 2020 - January 2021. Special thanks for inspiration and help to David Murray, utz, and mr287cc.




shiru8bit Moscow, Russia

An electronic music enthusiast who creates low tech, chiptune, and video game related music using old computers, consumer electronics, and low end synthesizers. Developer of various music software as well.

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